Gender Choices for Job Vacancies

Here’s a thought about Philippine companies that advertise their vacancies.

If we see a post looking for a (preferably) male or female applicant only, we ask – “Why not the other gender?” Would it be gender discrimination?

But if we see one advertising “Wanted (position): male or female” – we also wonder – “Why specify?” Would these advertisements mean our LGBTQI friends are excluded?

While there are occupations which may be gender-specific, these are probably more the exception than the rule. Some of these would be:

  1. Catholic Priest (and similar)
  2. Nuns (and similar)
  3. Professional basketball player (PBA, NBA, WNBA – not mixed leagues)

Some of these aren’t really “jobs” per se, But still, you get the picture.

Some jobs may be “traditionally” for one gender (or the other) only – but it doesn’t mean that the job can’t be done by the other gender.

I’ve seen heavy truck drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers and other “physical” jobs where both genders work together. There are male gynecologists as well, so there. Just last week, I saw a young lady work on a cherry picker (truck) repairing electric cables on the post in front of our house.

Why not just leave out the gender “qualifications” or requirements altogether?

What’s up?

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