The Psychology of Human Resources

I’ve been working in the Human Resources field for over 20 years already, and there’s always one question that’s asked of me at least once by new acquaintances.  Once they find out what I do, the inevitable happens:

By the way, this is a semi-fictional discourse.  The questions and situations are real.  I just had to spruce up the dialogue a bit.  A little of Tagalog (Filipino) words here and there.

    • Acquaintance (A): So, what’s your job at your present employer?

    • Me (M): I’m a Human Resources…

    • A (cuts me off, mid-sentence): Ah, so Psychology grad ka siguro, right?

    • M: Actually, I’m not.

    • A (surprised): Really?!?  Akala ko most of you sa HR ayPsychology graduates.

    • M: I belong to the group outside of the “most” that you mention.

    • A: So what’s your course?  (proceeds to rattle off a few guesses) So, tama ba ako (am I right)?

    • M: Actually, Economics graduate ako.

    • A (more surprised): Really?!? Ang layo naman (That’s far-off).  I didn’t think an Economics course could land you a job in HR.

I didn’t think so myself.

Actually, the Economics degree helps.  (And it did, a lot!)  My degree, coupled with skills in writing and computer usage was helpful in landing my first job: as a Research Analyst assigned to the Compensation and Benefits Department of an expanded commercial bank (aka “universal bank”) in Makati.

Did I love the job?  I stayed there for eight (8) years before moving on to better opportunities.

And I’ve been loving the trip ever since then.

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