My Kitchen Adventures

In my younger years, I used to watch my mother (and grandmother) bake different cakes and pastries for special occasions at home. I always waited for that moment when I would watch how the different ingredients would be brought out and prepared before she would put them together. When everything was ready for baking, I would take whatever was left from the mixing bowl and give it a taste test, running my finger through the bottom and enjoy the wonderful flavors that were to be in the final product, as if giving it my seal of approval.

I remember that for the cakes and other baked goodies, she would bring out her large Betty Crocker cookbook, the one with the ring binders, which I think were given to her by my grandmother in the 1960s or early 70s. The other books she used were the one by Nora Daza – aptly titled “Let’s Cook with Nora” and another one named “Recipes of the Philippines” whose author escapes me at the moment.

Those books are as vivid to me now as they were when I read through them so many years ago.

So to honor these great recipes and the people who had made them (including my mother and grandmother), I will be posting these same recipes as they were made at home.

And from time to time, I will be sharing various cuisines I have learned to make – from the apple pie of the United States to the satay of Malaysia and the bolognese of Italy, and more.

But I won’t just churn them out like online cookbooks and recipe guides – you can find any or even all of these in other sites.

As I have been cooking and baking for many years – for family, parties and friends, I will document each process as much as I can when I make these delicious and mouth-watering culinary delights.

They will be posted online when I make them at home – whether it be dinner or any other meal for the day, cakes or other sweet delights, or any other treats that may catch my fancy.

Bon appétit!

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