Gender Choices for Job Vacancies

Here’s a thought about Philippine companies that advertise their vacancies.

If we see a post looking for a (preferably) male or female applicant only, we ask – “Why not the other gender?” Would it be gender discrimination?

But if we see one advertising “Wanted (position): male or female” – we also wonder – “Why specify?” Would these advertisements mean our LGBTQI friends are excluded?

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Q&A: Background Checks

I’ve received inquiries on the validity of pre-employment background checks. Are they allowed, or even legal?

Some applicants think that this process is supposed to be done after being hired.

In general, companies ask applicants to fill up and sign a form authorizing a background check even if the person hasn’t been hired yet, the purpose being that they need to verify the information of the potential employee.

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Termination of Employment: Due Process

I have often been asked by business owners, employers and other Human Resources practitioners – What is the proper way to terminate the services of an employee because of company policy violations?


To clarify, the following should be considered in terminating the services of employees:

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Recipe: Banana, Honey and Cinnamon Muffins

I love cooking.  I love baking.

And one of the recipes I make on a regular basis is any variety of muffins, though I prefer anything and everything chocolate.

Back story: With the use of a high-speed Nutri Ninja Slim blender, I’ve been making smoothies and other cold drinks from fresh fruits and either milk or juice. Sometimes though I have an excess of bananas and I don’t have any other new ideas for their use. And sometimes they just go to waste.

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Q&A: Preventive Suspension and Immediate Resignation

From time to time, I receive inquiries regarding employment issues and other related concerns. I try to answer them within a reasonable time and will post some of them here to help out others who may have the same question.

Here is one from L.

An employee who is under preventive suspension due to a serious company violation wants to file a resignation. What are the grounds of an employer not accepting the filed resignation?

What options does the employee have if he wants to resign immediately?

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Termination: Fraud or Willful Breach


There are two basic requirements for a lawful dismissal “a just cause or authorized cause as prescribed by law, and observance of due process.” The former comprises the substantive requirement, and the latter constitutes the procedural requirement for a valid dismissal.

The Philippine Labor Code, in Article 283, enumerates the just (as differentiated from authorized) causes for termination. One of them is fraud or willful breach by the employee of the trust reposed in him by his employer or duly authorized representative. This includes such acts as competing with the employer, making clandestine profits, accepting bribes, as well as other acts that result in loss of trust and confidence on the part of the employer. There is no question that fraud committed by an employee against his employer is a just cause for dismissal, but loss of trust (and confidence) of the employer in his employee requires further elaboration.

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The Psychology of Human Resources

I’ve been working in the Human Resources field for over 20 years already, and there’s always one question that’s asked of me at least once by new acquaintances.  Once they find out what I do, the inevitable happens:

By the way, this is a semi-fictional discourse.  The questions and situations are real.  I just had to spruce up the dialogue a bit.  A little of Tagalog (Filipino) words here and there.

    • Acquaintance (A): So, what’s your job at your present employer?

    • Me (M): I’m a Human Resources…

    • A (cuts me off, mid-sentence): Ah, so Psychology grad ka siguro, right?

    • M: Actually, I’m not.

    • A (surprised): Really?!?  Akala ko most of you sa HR ayPsychology graduates.

    • M: I belong to the group outside of the “most” that you mention.

    • A: So what’s your course?  (proceeds to rattle off a few guesses) So, tama ba ako (am I right)?

    • M: Actually, Economics graduate ako.

    • A (more surprised): Really?!? Ang layo naman (That’s far-off).  I didn’t think an Economics course could land you a job in HR.

I didn’t think so myself.

Actually, the Economics degree helps.  (And it did, a lot!)  My degree, coupled with skills in writing and computer usage was helpful in landing my first job: as a Research Analyst assigned to the Compensation and Benefits Department of an expanded commercial bank (aka “universal bank”) in Makati.

Did I love the job?  I stayed there for eight (8) years before moving on to better opportunities.

And I’ve been loving the trip ever since then.

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Job-Hunting Myths

Don’t defeat yourself by accepting common myths.

Myth: If there’s nothing available in your field, switch careers.

Fact: That’s one of the worst things you can do.  You compete against others with experience, and you will not approach your old salary.

Myth: Lower your salary demands.  You’ll be more attractive to employers in an uncertain economy.

Fact: People who ask for less are viewed as “undesirable property.” If you’re perceived as anything less than first-class, you’re not likely to be hired.

Myth: If you’re over 50, it will be very hard to find another job.

Fact: Workers over 50 win new jobs nearly as quickly as their younger counterparts.  Today’s employers place a premium on experience.

Myth: Bring up salary as quickly as possible in the first interview.

Fact: That’s a fast way to be removed from consideration.  It tells employers you are more concerned with yourself than with the company.

Myth: You can only get interviews between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Fact: Employers are often available before and after regular hours. If you interview then, you’ve got an employer’s undivided attention.


Source: New York Times


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My Kitchen Adventures

In my younger years, I used to watch my mother (and grandmother) bake different cakes and pastries for special occasions at home. I always waited for that moment when I would watch how the different ingredients would be brought out and prepared before she would put them together. When everything was ready for baking, I would take whatever was left from the mixing bowl and give it a taste test, running my finger through the bottom and enjoy the wonderful flavors that were to be in the final product, as if giving it my seal of approval.

I remember that for the cakes and other baked goodies, she would bring out her large Betty Crocker cookbook, the one with the ring binders, which I think were given to her by my grandmother in the 1960s or early 70s. The other books she used were the one by Nora Daza – aptly titled “Let’s Cook with Nora” and another one named “Recipes of the Philippines” whose author escapes me at the moment.

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